Exporting to 24 bit WAV (2)

1455 Name: Rene Wiersma : 2011-11-25 09:45 [Del]

Probably just my ignorance and not a bug, but I don't know where to put it otherwise. I use the Schism Tracker version built on 2011-01-01, on Windows XP. I set the config file to export WAV files to 96kHz and 24 bits, because I want to do some post-processing on the WAV in Audaucity. However, when I import the WAV file in Audacity it just plays as static. I tried importing it as RAW data in Audacity, but that doesn't make any difference (I tried different settings for endianness, but it makes no difference). I can't play the WAV file in Windows Media Player either (it asks for a codec). If I try to load the WAV in Schism itself, it also plays just static. Exporting as a 32 bits WAV gives a similar result. Exporting as 16 bit works fine, but I really want to work on a higher bit rate. Is there any other way to go about this, or is it really a Schism bug?

1456 Name: Titus M. Osborn : 2011-11-25 14:53 [Del]

Yeah, Schism Tracker never really had support for anything higher than 16-bit. It pretends to but fails miserably at it. (There's also a kind-of-related bug about 24/32-bit wav files not loading correctly.)

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